WF Classic On-site Training

Wordfast logoInstructions prior to attending a Wordfast Classic for Beginners Training

Please read these instructions carefully. If you follow them, it will greatly improve your learning experience as well as everyone else’s. If things are unclear or links are not working like they are supposed to, please let me know!


Please request admission as soon as possible to the Wordfast Training Google Group by clicking hereOnce payment has been made and confirmed, I will approve your request and you can click here to access the on-line, pre-training coursework for Wordfast Classic which is Google "Presentation" file that can be viewed online. If you only see two files in the shared folder, make sure you are logged into your Google account. There are several files here in both French and English and for Classic and Pro. You only need to view the English file for Wordfast Classic

IMPORTANT: There is a homework assignment at the end of the file so give yourself some time to do this, i.e. do not wait until midnight the night before the training. There are always a few people who don’t go through the pre-training content and they generally slow everyone else down. Don’t be one of them!


You must download and install at least the trial version of the software BEFORE the training. The online, pre-training content (see above) covers downloading and installation procedures for Wordfast Classic.  

Please download the training files we’ll be using and UNZIP them before the training. They can be downloaded by clicking here. If time permits, I will give you time to practice on your own files so please bring some.

For a detailed description of the training, times, etc., please see the training calendar. Try to be there at least 15 minutes before the training begins so you have time to set up and we can start on time! 
If you have any questions about installing or getting up and running with the software, please search for an answer in the Wordfast Training Google Group forum and/or post your question therein. Others will or have had the same questions and that prevents me from having to answer twice! Otherwise, you can also contact me privately. Thanks again and see you soon!